What Cost Plus can do for you


We will fix any problems with your workstations, laptops, printers and servers. In the first instance we will work remotely - connecting to your network over the Internet - to avoid disruption, but if necessary we will come to your place of work to to solve the problem.

Remote Monitoring

We check on your network and servers 24/7 from our office, and fix any issues before they become problems.


We provide the latest firewalls and other security devices at an affordable price to give you a secure environment for your business. We can also set up a VPN (Virtual Private Network) so you can securely access the files on your server from wherever there's an Internet connection.


We design and install networks, optimised for your requirements. These can either be traditional cabled networks or wireless networks - giving you the freedom to use your laptop to access your server, print or browse the Internet from anywhere in your building, or even outside if the weather's good!


We can install Voice Over IP Telephony that uses the Internet to route your voice calls, avoiding traditional network charges and saving you money on your phone bill. Plus, you can take your UK landline number with you anywhere in the world - along with a range of other useful services.

Assured Service

Our staff are Microsoft certified professionals, so you can be sure that any work will be carried out quickly and efficiently.

We can provide fixed-price contracts based upon your requirements; should you be interested please contact us and we will arrange to meet with you and discuss your needs.

Fixed price IT solutions for business